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The feature film Sudi (Rick) wrote and produced, Walk A Mile In My Pradas is currently on Amazon, TubiTV and Youtube Premium. My music videos and comedy sketch videos can be found on my youtube channel

Feature Film: Walk A Mile In My Pradas

Co-written and co-produced by Sudi ( RIck) Karatas and Tom Archdeacon stars: Tom Arnold, Nathanial Marston, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr and Bruce Vilanch

See what happens when two weeks before macho, homophobic, Tony’s wedding, a magical Christmas Ornament causes Tony and his gay coworker to switch sexual orientations. Freaky Friday with a gay/straight twist. Currently on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Freevee TV and Youtube Premium

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Next Feature film: Charlie’s Dream

His next feature film from his screenplay “Charlie’s Dream”, a family, inspirational film.


Nashville doesn’t know what they are in for when Charlie, an older out of touch dreamer, decides to pursue a career as a country singer, when he is misdiagnosed with a terminal illness.Charlie’s Dream is “a coming of (middle) age, sentimental dramedy”, with a soundtrack of original country, and inspirational and faith-based songs. Same genre as Walk The Line, Crazy Heart and Coalminer’s Daughter.

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Videos of sketches that were written and shot by Rick (Sudi) Karatas are on his YouTube channel.

Rick (Sudi) Karatas youtube Channel

Best Phone Sex Bar Nun

The Angry GPS written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

Edited by Karla Guy

Other video shorts and sketches written by and featuring Rick (Sudi).

ROAD TEST written by Rick (Sudi) Karatas and Steve Depena

HOROSCOPE written by Rick ( Sudi) Karatas and Steve Depena

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