Sudi (Rick) Karatas wrote his first song at ten years old called "No More Tears", he got the idea from the label on the Johnson's Baby shampoo bottle
and he has been writing songs ever since.  He is a coordinator in Los Angeles for NSAI (Nashville Songwriter’s Association Inc.).
Many songs he’s written can be found on Spotify and Itunes.  His videos are on his Youtube channel

Olivia Newton John Tribute song:

Her Spirit LIVS On
Released August 8th 2023. Written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas sung by Adrian Christian. Proceeds to go to the Olivia Newton John Foundation

Coming Nov 1st 2023 brand new song and video All I Want For Christmas Is You GONE! The video screened at the Silicon Film Festival Friday Sept 8th and will screen at the Qfest film Festival in Asbury Park NJ on Sept 24th.

In 2021 three Christmas songs he wrote were on WMCT radio (in TN) top 30 most requested holiday songs of the season. All I Want For Christmas Is Some Sleep, Christmas Is My Happy Place and Midnight Will Be Clear. His song White Sand Christmas came in at #31. All are available on itunes and spotify.

All I Want For Christmas Is Some Sleep

Sung by Sudi “Rick” Karatas

Midnight Will Be Clear

Sung by Sudi “Rick” Karatas

White Sand Christmas

Sung by Sudi “Rick” Karatas

Other songs written by Sudi (Rick) Karatas

What You Don’t Remember

A song about Alzheimer’s with some proceeds going to AFA (Alzheimer’s Foundation of America)

When Donna Sang Last Dance

Co-written with David Sanchez sung by Collaborati

I’ll Follow You

Lyrics by Sudi (Rick) Karatas and music by Patrick Basile